About 2d6 Lodge

The club we call 2d6 Lodge has been opened for all gamers and hobbyists in and around Cambridge who are looking to find a place where they can gather to play their favourite games, have discussions with fellow gamers, build and paint models, or just meet up with people for a chat.

2d6 Opening Night
2d6 Opening Night

All information regarding 2d6 Lodge is listed below, and as time goes by this may be further updated, but until then all relevant information is gathered here!

2d6 Lodge is open every Friday from 6pm-10pm in Drama Studio One (to the left of main reception) at:

Netherhall School,
Queen Edith’s Way,

£3.50 per evening for gamers.  We can take payment using:

  • PayPal  (payment to 2d6lodge@gmail.com please)
  • Cash
  • Card Payment
  • We only collect a fee from you if you’re actually playing a game
  • Payment received by club Admins
  • Advance payments available if wanted (just ask us for details!)
  • Every penny of the funds received go towards the hire of the venue and the running of the club!

All gaming systems are welcome!

Gaming tables can be booked in advance through the regular booking posts which we put up on our Facebook group at the start of each week.

Painting and modelling table available at a reduced rate of £2! Water will be provided, but you must bring your own painting equipment and tools.

Wargaming Tables
Wargaming Tables
  • Six Wargaming tables (6×4 feet for 40K, AoS, Bolt Action, Necromunda, ME SBG, board games, etc.) can be booked
  • Book early via our 2d6 Lodge Facebook page to avoid disappointment!
  • More wargaming tables will be made available if there is regular demand!
  • Smaller tables are also available for games not requiring 6×4 feet of tablespace!

Our club admins recommend games of around the 1000 to 1750 point size for 40k and AoS, as we have found this size of game fit in well to an evening’s play.

Free parking is available at the front of the school.

The Cambridge number 1 and 2 buses drop off very close to the school entrance. The number 1 (Citibus) stops directly outside of the school; the number 2 bus at the end of Queen Edith’s Way, which the junction of Wolfstan Way (just a short five minute walk from the school).

The 2d6 Lodge club is run by six administrators , at least one of whom will be available every club night in order to help out, sort out issue sand collect club fees.

Disabled access.

Fire safety. Extinguishers and exits are all in place and routinely monitored.

No smoking on the premises. You must exit the school gates, but these are within an easy distance of the gaming hall (Once you are past the school sign on the main footpath, you are off the school premises!)

Toilets are available: Male, Female and Disabled. Please use the appropriate toilet.

We ask atendees not to bring their own food and drink, but refreshments are available.

2d6 Lodge is an adult club, and any attendee of 18 years and older are welcome on club nights!

We welcome anyone who would like to use the club nights as a place to play out campaigns, leagues and narratively linked games (Blood Bowl, 40k Crusade, Frostgrave, Stargrave, etc.)

Practice and advice/tips on games for preparations for official tournaments or general gaming are available from your friendly club mates!


Web: http://2d6lodge.co.uk

Email: 2D6Lodge@gmail.com

Insta: @2d6lodge

Twitter: @lodge_2d6