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Club terrain repair and repaint

Hey guys, so I’ve spent my weekend sorting out and repainting some of the terrain we use at the club to give it a more eye catching look.

Below are some pictures of the finished pieces with some Marine models to represent the terrain. Hope you all like.




I still have some pieces to finish and all should be done for use on Friday. If you guys have some small pieces of terrain that you may be willing to donate to the club or just want it painted in the same style just let me know as it gives me some more uses for my airbrush.


2d6 News : Important Change To Club Opening Times

From Friday 3rd July, the club’s opening time will change to 7pm-10pm. This change of time will be for the foreseeable future.

We’ve made this decision as a lot of people were unable to make it down before 7pm anyway and we feel we need to meet the needs of the majority of our players. We apologise if this causes any inconvenience and we hope to continue to see you down at the club on Friday nights.

We still have eight 6’x4′ tables available in this one timeslot and we will still have the ability to book tables, so it is advisable to pre-book them in the week on the Facebook page to guarantee a space. Although, you can still just turn up on the night if you prefer!

We are also looking to get some more scenery and to fix some of the damaged pieces that we already have.

Entry is still £3.50 for the night and that also gives you 3 months of membership to the club. Membership means that you can get 20% off Warlord Games, 4ground and Mantic, plus others. A reduced fee of £2 is still applicable if you’re not come down to play, but are modelling instead.

We’re also planning on running an intro night at least once a month, in each of which we will be showcasing a game for you to try out. There is no charge for playing an intro game (although donations are always welcome!). For this reason, we are also looking for members who want to show off their games, as this will give you the chance to get new opponents to play against! Get in touch with on Facebook or send us an email! Or, just check out the events section soon for what’s coming up.

On top of all that, because we all like gaming snacks, we have set up the tuck shop at the club with crisps, chocolate and cans of drink. All items will be priced at 50p each.

We hope to see you all down with us soon!

2d6 Lodge: Online Again!

We’ve not been good at updating our website much lately, but we have been doing some reogranisation and we are now having another go at it!

We’ll be updating these pages with some of the content that we’ve missed in our “dark period” (or should I say “Long Night”? or “Dark Age”?) over the next couple of weeks.

In the mean time, why not come and talk to us on our 2d6 Lodge Facebook Page, drop us an email at 2d6lodge@gmail.com, contact us on twitter @lodge_2d6 or come and see us in person on a Friday night at 2d6 Lodge – details here!

We look forward to meeting you!

Hello world! Welcome to 2d6 Lodge!

Welcome to 2d6 Lodge! This is our first blog post!

This group has been opened for all gamers and hobbyists in and around Cambridge who are looking to find a place where they can gather to play their favourite games, have discussions with fellow gamers, build and paint models, or just meet up with people for a chat.

2d6 Opening Night
2d6 Opening Night

All information regarding 2d6 Lodge is listed below, and as time goes by this may be further updated, but until then all relevant information is gathered here!

2d6 Lodge is open every Friday from 5pm-10pm in Drama Studio One (to the left of main reception) at:

Netherhall School,
Queen Edith’s Way,

£3.50 per evening (for up to 5 hours gaming!)

  • We only collect a fee from you if you’re actually playing a game
  • Payment received by club Admins
  • Advance payments available if wanted (just ask us for details!)
  • All penny of the funds received go towards the hire of the venue and the running of the club!

All gaming systems are welcome!

Painting stations available!

Gaming tables can be booked in advance.

Wargaming Tables
Wargaming Tables
  • Six Wargaming tables (6×4 feet for 40K, Fantasy, Warmachine, etc.) can be booked for one of two time slots:
  •   5.15pm-7.15pm; and
  •   7.30pm-9.30pm
  • This gives us gamers two hours to set up and play and a little time in between to tidy up for the next gamers!
  • Book early to avoid disappointment!
  • More wargaming tables will be made avialable if there is regular demand!
  • Smaller tables are also available for games not requiring 6×4 feet of tablespace!

Separate tables will be available for card games.

Free parking is available. There is more parking towards the back fo the school, but the gate there is locked at 7pm, so please be aware of this if using the extra parking!

The Cambridge number 1 and 2 buses drop off very close to the school entrance. The number 1 (Citibus) stops directly outside of the school; the number 2 bus at the end of Queen Edith’s Way, which the junction of Wolfstan Way (just a short five minute walk from the school).

The 2d6 Lodge club is run by six administrators (two of whom are staff from Netherhall school).

No membership fee. Just pay when you play!

Disabled access.

Fire safety. Extinguishers and exits are all in place and routinely monitored.

No smoking on the premises. You must exit the school gates, but these are within an easy distance of the gaming hall (Once you are past the school sign on the main footpath, you are off the school premises!)

Food and drink is not allowed in the gaming hall. There is a small area still inside the building, if people want to stay in the warm, but it is still possible to eat outside of the gaming hall.

Toilets are available: Male, Female and Disabled. Please use the appropriate toilet.

Vending machines are supplied on premises so please help yourselves.

A painting table will be available if required. Water will be provided, but you must bring your own painting equipment and tools.

Anyone younger 16 years old must be accompanied by a parent (plus a contact number).

Book club/discussion is available, if the demand is there.

Future trips can be planned. For example, Warhammer World, Games Day, Salute, etc.

Campaigns to be planned (Heresy, Fantasy Legends, Warmachine, etc.)

Regular tournaments are organised through the club.

Practice and advice/tips on games for preparations for official tournaments or general gaming.

Sponsorship of other clubs around Cambridgeshire.

Twitter: @lodge_2d6

Email: 2D6Lodge@gmail.com

Web: http://2d6lodge.co.uk