Contact 2d6 Lodge

You can get in contact with touch with 2d6 Lodge in a number of different ways.

We have a Facebook group for 2d6 Lodge, where we regularly discuss issues in gaming and post pictures of our latest and greatest miniature painting efforts! It is also a good place to go to find an opponent, suggest a game you want to play, or to book a table with one of our group admins.

You can also contact 2d6 Lodge via our Twitter account @lodge_2d6 which we use to talk about events, but it is also run by a couple of our admins, so is another great place to get in touch, whether you want to find out more, or just shoot the breeze with us on any wargaming topic!

If you don’t like either Facebook or Twitter (and fair enough, some people don’t), we also have an email address

Of course, we have a 2d6 Lodge Website, too, but since you’re reading this, we figure you know that already 🙂

Off the internet and back in the real world, we open 2d6 Lodge every Friday from 5pm-10pm. You can find us in here:

Drama Studio One (to the left of main reception)
Netherhall School,
Queen Edith’s Way,

Location of 2d6, in Drama Studio One at Netherhall School.
Location of 2d6 Lodge on a Friday Night, Courtesy of Google Maps.

We charge a small fee for playing, to cover the running costs of the club (almost all of which is hall rental), but if you’re not playing then we don’t change – even if you’re hanging at the club chatting all night! All the details can be found on our About Page.