2d6 News : Important Change To Club Opening Times

From Friday 3rd July, the club’s opening time will change to 7pm-10pm. This change of time will be for the foreseeable future.

We’ve made this decision as a lot of people were unable to make it down before 7pm anyway and we feel we need to meet the needs of the majority of our players. We apologise if this causes any inconvenience and we hope to continue to see you down at the club on Friday nights.

We still have eight 6’x4′ tables available in this one timeslot and we will still have the ability to book tables, so it is advisable to pre-book them in the week on the Facebook page to guarantee a space. Although, you can still just turn up on the night if you prefer!

We are also looking to get some more scenery and to fix some of the damaged pieces that we already have.

Entry is still £3.50 for the night and that also gives you 3 months of membership to the club. Membership means that you can get 20% off Warlord Games, 4ground and Mantic, plus others. A reduced fee of £2 is still applicable if you’re not come down to play, but are modelling instead.

We’re also planning on running an intro night at least once a month, in each of which we will be showcasing a game for you to try out. There is no charge for playing an intro game (although donations are always welcome!). For this reason, we are also looking for members who want to show off their games, as this will give you the chance to get new opponents to play against! Get in touch with on Facebook or send us an email! Or, just check out the events section soon for what’s coming up.

On top of all that, because we all like gaming snacks, we have set up the tuck shop at the club with crisps, chocolate and cans of drink. All items will be priced at 50p each.

We hope to see you all down with us soon!

2d6 Lodge: Online Again!

We’ve not been good at updating our website much lately, but we have been doing some reogranisation and we are now having another go at it!

We’ll be updating these pages with some of the content that we’ve missed in our “dark period” (or should I say “Long Night”? or “Dark Age”?) over the next couple of weeks.

In the mean time, why not come and talk to us on our 2d6 Lodge Facebook Page, drop us an email at 2d6lodge@gmail.com, contact us on twitter @lodge_2d6 or come and see us in person on a Friday night at 2d6 Lodge – details here!

We look forward to meeting you!