2d6 Lodge Bloodbowl League, Season 2

We are currently in the middle of the second season of our Bloodbowl League at 2d6 Lodge.

Bloodbowl League being played out at 2d6 Lodge.
Bloodbowl being played at 2d6 Lodge.

Our reigning 2d6 Lodge Bloodbowl champion of Season 1, is Coach Dan with his Dark Elves, the Seal Teasers (No, me neither!) who are the only returning team to Season 2, with all of the other coaches electing to re-start new teams for the new season.

The league format we follow, set down by our league commissioner, Commissioner Steve, is that we face each other team in our division twice. There is no fixed order to the games, but all games must be completed by the end of the season. For Season 2, this is at the end of the day, Friday 27th June 2014. The top two teams from each division with then go into a knock-outcup competiton to determine the overall season winner!

We’re expecting to take a three month break over the summer before Season 3 starts, so plenty of time to get in touch, or get in some practice games with other coaches at 2d6 Lodge!

We also use a Facebook group called Cambridge: Bloodbowl, to help us arrange games with other coaches. So, if you want to know more Contact Us via any of the usual methods, or visit us on Facebook.